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Monica Magnoni
CRO @Gruppo Roncaglia
Giuseppe Balzano
Partner @StartupGym
Giulio Michelon
CEO @Belka
Giovanni Ciferri
CEO @BuddyFit

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In 2021, building meaningful
connections has become the real competitive advantage for every professional.

It only takes 30 minutes to reach opportunities, ideas and people you never imagined.

Not enough time?

I never thought I would have been able to
talk to an aerospace engineer for an hour and
a half, but it happened and it was a
nice surprise.”

Stefania Grande
Product Manager
7 meeting on Zwap

The power of the network is extraordinary!
Through Zwap I found potential collaborators
and many positive and proactive people.”

Tommaso Baldovino
UX & Web Designer
9 meeting on Zwap

From the new startup founder to the COO of an international bank.”

Filippo Chiricozzi
Co-Founder @Moovenda
12 meeting on Zwap
MoreAdvisorTravelerCodingEarly AdopterInvestor
Federico Pedron
@federico    I   Co-Founder   I   Milano
34  meetings

Federico is co-founder of Zwap. Passionate about product management, strategy and UX.

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What are they saying about us

More and more interesting meeting, unique networking opportunities.
Federico D.
Ecosystem Specialist
@Talent Garden
It is undoubtedly the best networking tool available on the market today!
Giulietta M.
Lawyer Associate
FAN TAAS TIC!!!                                              
Alessandro D.
Global E-commerce
Strategy @Lavazza
I met a person who I then invited as a testimonial to one of my workshops
Strategy Advisor
I started working in a startup thanks to Zwap!
Niels Amaral
CEO@ B2Butterfly
I made a lot of connections and was able to find new customers and new partners.
Davide Vincenti
Founder @Nivida Consulting
I had a wonderful call and human-connection. Zwap is perfect for this!
Leonardo Fiocchi
Business Analyst
Interesting approach of putting people in touch. The process of connecting, programming is easy!
Sasha K.
Program Manager @B4i
I met a highly experienced professional in the field in which I have been working for 3 years!
Luca Del Mese
Sales Account Executive
Very stimulating. The human and professional quality of the matches is truly remarkable!
Lara Peyrot
I'm not that good at offline networking, Zwap solves the problem for me! Create the contact and make it easy!
Alessandra C.
Junior Data Analyst
Zwap offers a way to broaden your circle of knowledge in an extremely innovative way!
Alberto Canova
Global Sales @Lavazza
The power of network  creates progress. Zwap brings heterogeneity and scalability!
Leonardo Buffoni
Senior Consultant @EY
Thanks to Zwap I started again having networking moments with professionals and interesting people.
Riccardo Linares
Global Digital Manager
The opportunity to engage myself with a senior designer was very inspiring!
UX & UI Designer
Zwap surprises me, you never know where the conversation will end!

Elisabeth Graph
Service Designer
A perfect match!!
Paolo Leo
Sales Manager @Twikey
I found a great developer to develop an internal platform.
Matteo B.
CEO & Founder @Ciaodino
A meeting that matched perfectly the development of the startup and the needs of the company!
Christian C.
Head of Incubator @dpixel
I like it because the live meeting gives me a lot!
Stefania S.
BD Manager

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